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Friday, May 17th, 2013

Candice Glover is Your American Idol

Okay, so the streak is broken. Your American Idol is female. Whew…thank goodness. Actually, I have absolutely no idea why that mattered to anyone. Anyway, Candice Glover is the newest American Idol. Quick…can you name the other 11? Yep, some just disappeared into oblivion didn’t they? And still there are others who didn’t win and maybe didn’t even come close, but they have huge careers now.

Speaking of not winning, but having a huge career did you see Candice sing with Jennifer Hudson? Now, that was a moment I’m sure my young readers yawned through, but I loved. As usual, American Idol rolled out a bunch of celebrities to perform. Also as usual some of them were OLD! God bless you Frankie Vallie and Aretha Franklin! Then on the other side of the spectrum, some of them were so current that I have no idea who they were! Yes, I do know who Psy is. I’m fascinated by this guy. Exactly, what is his talent? He’s making a lot of money doing what he did on Idol last night. Huh!

I loved seeing one of my fav’s Adam Lambert make an appearance with Angie. I wasn’t too crazy about the song they sang together though. Why did Angie get to perform with two celebrities? I guess you youngin’s know who that was that Angie sang with? :-)

We also said goodbye to forever judge Randy Jackson. I can’t see how Idol is going to survive without him, unless they manage to bring back Simon. Wouldn’t that be great? I don’t think they have enough money in the world to get him to work that hard again though. Simon is uber rich–did you ever see his Bugatti?

So that brings another season of American Idol along with this blog to a close. Thanks to all Dr. B’s students for hanging out here. I know you do it just for grades–ha, ha! I hope my five “chosen” students enjoy their surprise. Did you get it yet? Enjoy your summer all! If you have a hankering for more reality TV or me, come join me at Bloggergal

Friday, May 10th, 2013

American Idol’s Finale Two are…

Wow…I DID NOT see that coming! Angie eliminated and Kree and Candice as the final two? Surprise, surprise! Maybe getting all the country music fan votes worked for Kree? I thought that Angie had this whole thing wrapped up to be honest. It wasn’t who I would have picked, but I thought America was in her corner.

Between Kree and Candice, I personally will have to go with Candice. My whole theory of the young people voting more and voting for Angie has been blown out of the water! This season of American Idol, I haven’t been able to predict a darn thing. I really liked Amber and didn’t think she would be voted off before Kree, but look who is laughing last now?

This year’s American Idol has caused controversy galore. There are a lot of conspiracy theories about the all female finale, etc. I don’t have any idea what happened this year on Idol, but I sadly will admit, I think American Idol is past its prime. The only reason I watched any of it this season was to write this blog and the only reason I wrote this blog was Dr. B’s classes. If that weren’t the case, I would have stopped watching way back in the beginning of the season. There were really no contestants that had caught my interest and held it–AT ALL.

I do look forward to the finale because I like the surprise guests and the contestant/star duos. As far as next year, I think Dr. B. needs to revise his lesson plan! :-) Bloggergal

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

American Idol From Current to Classic

I’ve read through your comments and Angie overwhelmingly is your favorite. That definitely shows me her target audience.

As you must know by now, no one was eliminated last week because the judges never used the save. Once again, this week, we had the opportunity to hear all four finalists perform two songs. The first song was a current hit–in other words from 2013 and the second was a “classic”. I knew all the classics, but I guess I’m not always up on current hits!

The judges were in strange moods. It’s almost like they were looking for stuff to gripe about. I didn’t think anyone did a bad job and looking back this morning, I can’t say one performance stood out as outstanding either. I deliberately wait until the next morning to write, so I can see what stuck out in my mind. I remember Amber crying after singing “My Funny Valentine”. I thought she cried because she had given so much to the song that it made her emotional. The judges seemed to think she was kinda loosing it.

I didn’t think that mentor Harry Connick Jr. did a good job. He seemed to be confusing the contestants more than helping them. Him coming out on the stage after Kree sang wasn’t fair to the other contestants. Although, I don’t think America listens to what Harry Connick Jr. thinks.

The bottom two were Amber and Kree last week. Votes from last week will combine with votes from this week making it more difficult for the bottom two, I would think. We shall see tonight!

I didn’t forget about the prizes for my comment makers–I’m just SLOOWWWW :-) Bloggergal

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

American Idol…What Style of Music Do You Prefer?

American Idol is down to four really talented women after Janelle was eliminated last week. The interesting thing is that the four of them are so different in their styles of music. You really can’t compare. Since they all have so much talent, it comes down to what’s your favorite TYPE of music to listen to.

Candice is definitely “old school” Aretha style. I guess because I’m older–no comments please :-) I love her style and her choice of songs.

I can see from the comment section that a lot of you like Angie. That makes sense. She’s young and “now”.

Kree has to be your favorite if you are into country since Janelle is gone. I thought Janelle was the better of the two, but hey, what do I know? I think it’s hard to sing country that is not your own. You just sound like an imitation.

Last, but now least, we have Amber. She sure does look polished now, doesn’t she? She has a little bit of Candice combined with a little bit of Angie. She can sing diva-like with the best of them, but she also has a current side that will help her career. I’m not worried about this one’s future.

Did you catch the guy playing the guitar with the beanie on? Such a shame that someone with talent, alright he’s nice looking too doesn’t get any accolades by appearing on stage at American Idol.

I have this feeling that Candice is going home this week, but it really could be any of the four. Kree was in the bottom two last week so that would make her a prime candidate. Stay tuned…Bloggergal

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

American Idol’s Five Female Finalists

I feel for you kids! American Idol is booorrrriiiinnnnggggg. We have five really good singers remaining. They sing good, but they don’t grab me. I don’t wait with baited breath for their next performance. In fact, I have a tendency to drift off and have to pull myself back to the show.

In that same vein, the judges are just as boring. I sure do miss my Steven Tyler. At least he was funny. I am so sick of watching Nicki play with her wigs and Mariah flaunt her diva-ness! The only saving grace is that Keith Urban is nice to look at.

That being said, I’ll summarize very quickly. Best performances of the night for me were by Amber. I think she is young and has the most potential. Once again, we have two country stars that will do fine in the future…Janelle and Kree. Angie is also young with potential, but I just don’t personally like her style. Again, this is just me personally. I know she’s loved by tons of America. Last, but definitely not least is Candice. She is like an old-school diva star. I can see her in Las Vegas selling out show after show after show, but I’m not sure I see her as the next American Idol.

It will be crazy to see which of these five will be eliminated tonight. All five are talented and it will be an “ouch” no matter who goes. So stay tuned…Bloggergal

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Bloggergal attends Reality Rally 2013

To read about my Reality Rally 2013 experience please click the following link:

Friday, April 12th, 2013

American Idol’s Last Man Standing

I know! I’ve been ignoring my American Idol blog! I have a good reason though. I’ve spent the last week in sunny, southern California at Reality Rally with close to 100 Reality RV stars. It was a lot of fun.

I haven’t been paying very close attention to American Idol, but here are my thoughts. Lazaro was on WAAAYYYY too long. I felt so sorry for him. I realize that the fans voted for him because he is so loveable, but that didn’t help him when he couldn’t keep up musically. It’s why the whole American Idol voting system is flawed. It really is a popularity contest, NOT a singing contest.

So at this point, all the guys have been eliminated. Not surprising…that seemed the goal all along, wasn’t it? We have a strong group of girls remaining with Candice seeming to lead the pack. I think she’s the most talented, but frankly, I don’t see her winning. I want her to win, but I don’t think she will. Hopefully, I’m wrong!

We still have two (mostly) country gals–Kree and Janelle. I really like Kree, but once again I don’t see the American Idol in her. I have this weird feeling that Janelle could pull this off. Amber is one of my favorites, but she was in the bottom two this week–not a good sign for her. Last but never least is Angie who just may pull a rabbit out of her hat!

So, what does this all mean? Nothing! I have absolutely NO idea which one of those five will be your next American Idol. I have to admit something else–I don’t really care. Ouch! Sorry, none of those five have reached out to me to the point of making me wait with bated breath each week for American Idol.

But I do love you out there–especially Dr. B’s class. If you tell me you love me in your comments…I’ll know you read this entire blog to the very end! Bloggergal

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Did Motown Mow Down the American Idol Contestants?

American idol contestants took on Detroit’s Motown this week. Smoky Robinson was on hand to mentor. There are eight remaining contestants after last week we waved good-bye to Paul Jolley.

All the performances were good, but none stand out in my mind as great. The judges loved Amber, Candice and Kree. Lazaro redeemed himself with a decent performance. I think that Devin is always consistent, however the judges didn’t. I thought that Burnell should have had a stellar performance, but he didn’t. Janelle turned a Motown hit into a country ballad and held her own. In the preview, they built up Angela’s performance, but I didn’t think it lived up to the hype.

The contestants were separated into three groups to perform an extra number. Janelle and Kree performed together and the judges felt that Kree outshone her–big time! Then Amber, Candice and Angie sang together and did a great job–according to the judges. The guys sang together and Nicki told them they wouldn’t have made it past Hollywood week with their performance. I was like “what”? Anyway, at least once a season, I have to rant about how I think its ridiculous for the contestants to perform together since they are all so vastly different. There, I’m done for this season.

Can you tell I’m so-so about this week’s show? To be honest, I don’t even know if I’d still be watching if I didn’t blog it. If I had voted I would have given all my votes to Amber. I don’t think she belonged in the bottom three last week. Who do I think should be leaving tonight? I’d have to sadly say my Lazaro. I love him, but he’s in over his head.

Next week, I’ll be in California attending Reality Rally, so I won’t be back here until April 10th. Have a great holiday and spring break all! Bloggergal

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

American Idol, Lennon and McCartney

By this time, you probably know that Curtis Finch Jr. was voted off American Idol last week. I have to admit, I was very surprised and very disappointed. I loved him and I was looking forward to hearing him sing the different themes put before him. There is a “save” this season, but as usual, all four judges have to agree and they didn’t so bye, bye Curtis.

This week the remaining nine contestants sing John Lennon/Paul McCartney songs. I’m betting that many of my young bloggers don’t know very many of those songs! This was also true for some of the young contestants, making it harder for them.

Standing out this week for me was Candice Glover. I like that she can sing whatever is put before her. She has great range and is very professional.

Having a very bad week was my darling Lazaro Arbos. I love this guy, but me thinks he’s in over his head! Communication has to be a big issue for him. He always seems extremely nervous on stage–notice the sweat? I want him to succeed so much, but…

I’m sitting here and it’s Thursday morning. I write the blog in the morning after watching the show the night before. I like to do it this way because then I can let my mind tell me who stood out and who didn’t. If I don’t remember the performance then I know it wasn’t memorable, right?

I remember the judges loved Kree and Janelle. I’ve said this all along, they don’t do anything for me. I know they are both very talented women, but I don’t see me buying their music or attending their concert. To each his own…as they say!

I still love Burnell Taylor, but I really wish he’d stop with the hands. Would I buy his music? I’m not sure yet.

Of all the contestants, I think Amber Holcomb has the best chance of success. She’s young, pretty and talented. I do look forward to hearing her sing each week.

Everyone loves Angie Miller right? Why? What does she have that we haven’t seen a hundred other times on American Idol? Please, tell me because I don’t know if I just have a personal thing about this girl or what.

I was all excited about hearing Paul Jolley sing last night after seeing his time with Jimmy Iovine. I was surprised that it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Paul Jolley is in trouble IMO, but of course what the heck do I know? They sent home Curtis last week and I didn’t see that coming!

I gave my 50 votes to Devin Velez. I want to do everything in my power to keep this guy in the competition. I like his versatility. I sure hope he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle!

So, that’s it for this week. I’m going to just write one blog a week, so you have to Google who goes home tonight. I’m off to check out last week’s comments. Keep ‘em coming! Bloggergal

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

American Idol’s Top Ten Perform For Your Votes

This week is the first time we hear our top 10 perform for America’s votes. On the whole, I’m not too excited about any one contestant yet. Last night’s performances were not all what I expected with one or two disappointing me and one or two standing out. So here we go…

Amber Holcomb – 16 years old – Texas. Amber always impresses me with tremendous stage presence and a seasoned veteran-style performance.

Angie Miller – 18 years old – Massachusetts. Until I just typed that I hadn’t thought about how young Angie is. She’s definitely one of America’s sweethearts and for good reason. The thing is she’s just not MY American Idol. Please don’t send me hate comments!

Burnell Taylor
– 19 years old – Louisiana. I love Burnell. His whole story, his personality, his style of singing, his look…they all blend together to make this guy special.

Candice Glover
– 23 years old – South Carolina. Candice has been a standout in my book from day one. I love her style of singing and I love her powerful voice. Her performance last night was my favorite of the evening.

Curtis Finch Jr.
– 24 years old – Missouri. Curtis is another one of my favorites. I love his style of music. However, last night, for me, he didn’t deliver. If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.

Devin Velez
– 18 years old – Illinois. Watch this guy! Devin doesn’t come on strong like some of the other contestants, but he has appeal in a different way. I hope he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle because I think he has a lot he hasn’t shown us yet.

Janelle Arthur
– 23 years old – Tennessee. and Kree Harrison – 22 years old – Tennessee. I don’t have anything against these two very talented singers. I just think they should be on a different show. Again, please don’t send me hate comments! LOL

Lazaro Arbos
– 21 years old – Florida. Nicki was spot on in her comments to Lazaro. He needs to stay comfortable, sing what he feels good about, stay out of his own head, not think about being on American Idol and just enjoy the ride. When he sings that way, he sounds angelic to me. As I’ve said practically every blog so far…who doesn’t love Lazaro?

Paul Jolley
– 22 years old – Tennessee. If I remember correctly, the judges liked his performance, but I didn’t. However, I do like Paul. I think he’s talented and he probably does have a better chance on Broadway or as I’ve said before Glee.

I won’t spend too much time talking about the judges because frankly, I usually fast forward through their comments! I think the contestants must have a hard time hearing from Jimmy Iovine and the judges and trying to decide whether to listen to them or ignore them. Jimmy said that America would get bored if Curtis sang the same type of songs for ten weeks. I wouldn’t. That’s why I like him.

Tonight we will see one contestant be eliminated. I have no idea who it will be because I didn’t think anyone stood out as “bad” last night. What I do think happens is that America doesn’t vote for the best singer, but instead votes for the contestant that they are concerned may be eliminated. Every now and then that can backfire with the best contestant not getting enough votes. Bloggergal