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Friday, February 15th, 2013

American Idol Contestants are Whittled Down to 40

Tonight’s American Idol will whittle down the contestants to just 20 girls and 20 guys.  Every elimination sees good performers not make the cut.  We have a saying in my house…”Good singers are a dime a dozen.”

Since Idol only highlights some of the contestants all I can do is talk about them.  Angela Miller sang her own composition and accompanied herself on the piano.  The song was recording worthy.  The judges gave her a standing ovation.

Candice Glover has been one of my favorites from the beginning.  She can belt out a tune.  I felt that she gave 200% with her performance.  She easily moves on in the competition.

Trying out for the 3rd season in a row is country singer Janelle Arthur.  She shows how maturity and experience can move you forward.  She also moves on.

Zoanette already thinks she’s a diva.  She makes for good TV.  Yes, she has a great voice, but will her diva-ness eventually be her downfall?

Singing a Mariah Carey song, bravely I must add was Shubha Vadula.  The girl did it justice!

I don’t think Melinda Ademi’s voice is the best in the competition, but she makes up for it with tremendous stage presence.

Kree Harrison chose an emotional song and drew from her past tragedies (both parents have died) to pull off a stunning performance.  Keith says he gets chills when she sings.

At this point in the show, 24 girls are brought up on stage and told that only 20 will move on.  Three are immediately dismissed.  I can’t imagine what it feels like to make it to the top 24 and never even be given a chance to be seen by America.  Sad, very sad Idol.  I say this every single season.  I think we have the right to hear EVERY ONE of the finalists before they are eliminated.  Even if they do get eliminated, maybe someone will hear them and it will help their careers. After all, they made it this far.

The final elimination for the girls comes down to a sing-off between Rachel Hale and Stephanie Schimel.  It is obvious that Rachel does a better job and she snags that final spot.

Next on the stage are the remaining 28 guys.  Eight of these will be eliminated.  The judges ask to hear Adam Sanders and Josh Holiday perform again.  Adam doesn’t do a good job and I think he knows it by the look on his face.  He is eliminated along with David Leathers Jr., the young guy that was eliminated in this same exact part of the competition last year.

Next week, we move on to Sudden Death in Las Vegas.  Hopefully, we will get to hear more of the top 40 perform so that we can start to cheer for our favorites.  Until then…stay tuned…Bloggergal

13 Responses to “American Idol Contestants are Whittled Down to 40”

Barbara dunn Says:

Did Shuba Vadula make it through or has she been cut. she is amazing

Bloggergal1 Says:

Yes, Barbara…Shuba is through to the Las Vegas round.

Alexa Blandina Says:

I thought it was sad for the people that had to sing again to redeem themselves..

Dominique Denisco Says:

I agree on the fact that we should see every finalist before they are eliminated from the show. It’s not fair to them. I have to say though that Nicki Minaj is by far my favorite judge, I love her!

cody ceg Says:

shuba has an awesome name and an awesome voice, i hope she wins. but i dont like the fact that they make them sing to survive, and then make one leave. it raises a lot of false hope for the contestant. i also think that nicki needs to calm down and keep her hair the same color. she needs to realize she’s on american idol, not Hip Hop nation. she is a stuck up snob, and doesnt give credit where credit is deserve. just my opinion though

eric chews cope Says:

nicki minaj is the worst judge she isnt mean she is just plain rude. she should be kicked off the show next season. she should just leave now and go back to her rapping so i could still not listen to it. eric out!

mark ostroski Says:

yes i very much agree with you

Jake Yarmey Says:

I didnt see the episode but there are some people i like this season. Niki Minaj isnt one of them

MacKenzie BIlbow Says:

I also think that we should be able to hear the finalists before they are eliminated. Also, I think Nicki Minaj is a decent judge.

zack obrien Says:

half of the singers are horrible

Darell Edmonds Says:

Alexa is absolutely right. If they have to sing to redeem themselves, then they should start packing now. Theyre not getting that far and thats as simple as its going to get. The girls are more promising than the guys are this season that is for sure. Nikki Minaj has actually surprised me this season with her direct judgement and standards. She has high expectations but has her favorites. So she has proved to be an exceptional judge. She is a favor to the modern singers. Shes like a spark of hope, but she is not going to give away any freebees.

Taryn Says:

Angela Miller, oh my god. I think I found who I’m going for with this show. It was perfect and not even in the first few seconds I had the chills.

Nicole Wright Says:

I think it took a lot of guts for Shubha Vadula to sing one of Mariah’s songs. I think she did well. Nicki Minaj is a good judge because she gives the contestants good constructive criticism- but she is just so annoying. Her nasally voice and constant complaining make everyone dislike her and I can’t say I blame them.

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