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Thursday, February 7th, 2013

American Idol…Nothing Puts Differences Aside Quite Like Victory

The notorious Hollywood Week is upon us.  Time to weed out the good and nurture the best.  This season American Idol is changing things around a bit.  Males and females will be separated and compete only against themselves.  Fair?  I’m not sure, but since Idol insists on the same number of males and females in the end, I think this is the best way to go.  This show only featured the males.

First round is the solo sudden death round.  Each contestant sings and the judges make instant decisions of who will stay and who is going home.  Since the second part of the show is group rounds and involves more eliminations, I’ll just skip on ahead.

In the past, the groups were picked by the contestants themselves.  This always reminded me of gym class.  There’s the “cool” kids, the “nerds”, etc. all sticking together and then the inevitable ugly duck that no one wants in their group.  Well, that won’t be happening this season because this season the producers decided the groups.  Of  course, we, the public don’t find out how.  “Me” thinks they deliberately put groups together for the TV drama rather than to highlight the performances.

There were groups that just belonged together for instance The Four Tones.  They had the qualities to liken them to a group like The Four Tops.  Then you have a group of misfits such as the group with two country performers and two “out there” performers.  This is where American Idol shows its Reality Show true colors.  How in the world could those four combine to perform a song that would be suitable to everyone?  The group consisted of Lee Pritchard, Trevor Blakney, JDA and Joel Wayman.  The performance was a mess.  What did the judges do?  They kept the two characters…JDA and Joel Wayman and sent home the country boys.  I replayed this groups’ performance and as far as I can tell, all four were out of tune.  They should have all gone home, but then what fun would that be?  Maybe it wouldn’t be as fun to watch, but it would give us the opportunity to see the best talent compete in a singing competition.  IMO

Following in the same path as the above group, let’s talk about the group that includes the Turbanator.  The names of these guys aren’t even mentioned during the show.  Their performance was just plain horrible.  Yes, the Turbanator can sing, but no, he didn’t show it during group round.  However, all four, yep you heard me…all four make it through to the next round.  What makes this even worse is that the judges admit to each other that they need to crack down and eliminate some contestants.  In other words, they kept crappy contestants and are now sending home good singers.

Okay this is the part of my blog where I start reminiscing about Simon Colwell and the old days.  In the old days, if you didn’t know the words to your song, you went home…period.  There was no pity.  This is the big time and if you can’t hack it, then go home.  Well, that’s not the case anymore.  The judges and/or producers seem to pick favorites and let them continue no matter what.  To tell you the truth, this doesn’t really matter because in the end the cream will rise to the top, but I do find it frustrating.

Since Idol is promoting this kid big time, next up for discussion is Lazaro Arbos.  Lazaro stutters when he speaks, but then sings like an angel.  He definitely has enough talent to continue on in the competition.  A big deal is made out of his communication difficulties and one of the group members, Josh Stephens feels that he lost his chance to continue because he spent too much time helping Lazaro.  Well, I replayed this group’s performance and Josh lost his place because he’s just not good enough.  Sorry Josh.  Also getting through to the next round with Lazaro was Christian Lopez.

The group that included Papa Peachez, Adam Sanders, Frankie Ford and Charles Allen was another very strange combination.  If you remember, Frankie was the guy that would sing on the trains.  He has absolutely no formal training and group was just too much for him.  He had a total meltdown and when it came time to perform, he couldn’t.  Charles Allen was the standout in this group.  I think he should be around a long, long time.  Papa and Adam are two more that belong in the “character” box.  They will entertain us for a little while, but they won’t be our next American Idol.

The producers put together as a group the youngest contestants in this year’s competition.  David Leathers Jr. made it to Vegas last season, but then was eliminated.  Also in his group is Kayden Stephenson the boy with the disease that gives him a life expectancy of only age 35.  He appears and sings very young for his age.  The other two in the group are Sanni M’Mairura and Kevin Quinn.  Making it through to the next round are David and Sanni.  Sanni was not featured last night so I can’t comment on his performance.  Kevin was okay, but I can understand him being eliminated this time.  Kayden also didn’t perform to his best ability, but I think that “little kid” tone in his voice is a problem.  Maybe he can do better in the future.

My favorite song and group of the night was the very first one.  They sang Queen’s Somebody To Love.  I thought they meshed perfectly.  All had good voices and good stage presence.  The four are Nick Boddington, Mathanee Trico, Matheus Fernandez and Gabe Brown.  Another favorite of the night for me was part of the trio–Curtis Finch Jr.  I like that guy.

Johnny Keyser was a contestant that was eliminated last year.  He should have been eliminated again this year.  After all, he has experience in Hollywood and yet he STILL forgot his words.  I had high hopes for this guy last year.  Maybe this year, he can produce.

So next we get to see what the gals can do.  Stay tuned…Bloggergal

7 Responses to “American Idol…Nothing Puts Differences Aside Quite Like Victory”

Brooklynn Nugent Says:

This is quite interesting, I think there are many goood contestants. The winner of this year will have to be very good.

Alexa Blandina Says:

There’s a lot of good singers but some of the contestants that moved onto the next round shouldn’t have. In my opinion the original judges were the best and should’ve stayed. Nicki Minaj is an okay judge but she seems like its all about her and only cares for herself. Its going to be an interesting season.

Taryn Gates Says:

Lazaro was absolutely amazing. Our whole entire class was in awe because they were expecting him to be horrible. People were commenting on how his performance was going to be low quality. It was kind of funny watching everyone’s jaw drop and the silence in the room was very enjoyable.

David Klaproth Says:

While I believe that everybody on the show is a talented singer, I hope as the season goes on the finalists will be allowed to showcase their personalities such as singing their own songs and playing their own instruments. In a world where bands and real music such as Mumford and Sons, The Black Keys, and The Arcade Fire are racking up grammy upon grammy is American Idol going to try to shove another manufactured “pop star” down our throats. The only idol judges I actually respect are Randy who respects real musicians and Keith who writes his own music and can actually play the electric guitar.

David Klaproth Says:

I also feel that Nicki Minaj has no place being a judge unless having a team of song-writers, sing into an auto-tuned microphone, and most likely lip-sing at your concerts allow you to judge someone that is possibly really talented.

MacKenzie Bilbow Says:

I think there are many good contestants but I felt that some of the singers that moved on shouldn’t have. The judges aren’t too bad but I think when Simon Cowell was still a judge it was more challenging to move on to the next round and having harder judges will just make a better singer.

Nicole Wright Says:

I disagree with some people commenting- I’m not impressed with the guys overall this year. But Lazaro’s performance was awesome. I thought it was totally unexpected and I was really impressed. I hope he does well this season.

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