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Thursday, January 17th, 2013

American Idol Season 12…and so it begins

I go into this American Idol season with much trepidation.  Can Idol find a talent that isn’t the same old-same old?  Will the new judges provide me with laughs and the contestants with useful critiques?  Are Keith Urban’s smoldering, smoky blue eyes enough to keep me hanging onto his every word?  You have to admit, there’s quite a mix on the judges panel.  We have Miss Diva Mariah sitting next to country cutie Keith Urban sitting next to always outrageous Nicki Minaj sitting next to always solid Randy Jackson.  Whew!!!  I suppose the question is…does it really matter who the judges are?  The talent is what really matters in the end, but if you have to listen to these four show after show after show, they had better get entertaining and they had better do it fast.  Me?  I don’t think they have what it takes to make me happy, but I’m stuck this season, aren’t I?

I’ll start with one of the surprises of the evening and that was Gupreet Singh Sarin otherwise known as the Turbanator.  With that kind of buildup, I really expected him to be very, very bad, but he wasn’t!  He wasn’t very, very good, but he did get a ticket to Hollywood.  How many different color turbans do you think we will see before the Turbanator is Terminated?

Another surprise for me was Shira Gavrielov originally from Israel.  She was musically inclined, but I just couldn’t get past her accent.  The judges, however, raved about her.  Huh!

What did everyone think about Evan Ruggiero?  His first song was so-so, but I thought when he picked up his guitar, it was reminiscent of when Phil Philips auditioned last season.  I thought he was great, but the judges voted him down unanimously.  Did his having only one leg influence their decision?  Usually Idol producers dive on something like this so they can milk it for all its worth.  Evan deserves a second chance!

We of course saw the usual “bad” talent including the William Hung wannabe’s, the “how can you say that I can’t sing” singers and the “find yourself a new career” performers.  That’s all I have to say about that!

Angela Miller is an eighteen year-old with partial hearing loss.  She sang well and the judges loved her.  It will be interesting to watch her overcome her handicap and prove that you can do “it” if you want it bad enough.

Tenna Torres and Isabelle Pasqualone both had talent in a mature, sweet way.  Lots of times this kind of talent gets swallowed up in the chaos that is American Idol.  I sure hope not.

If you go onto the American Idol website, you will see 40 Road to Hollywood stories.  I decided to change this up a bit and randomly picked contestants that looked interesting to me, bopped on over to You Tube and listened to some of their past performances.  Amusing…give it a try!

One guy that fascinates me is Zach Birnbaum.  I was immediately intrigued by his look—skinny youngin’ with longish, scraggly hair.  Hmm, but can he sing?  I watched him in a couple videos with his band made up of other freshmen high schoolers.  Interesting…

I also liked the look of Alex Federici.  I found a You Tube video of this guy and it was right up my alley.  Check him out!

Another one that I’m looking forward to hearing more from is Christian Lopez.  Like Alex, he’s a bit country with a twist.  I hope he’s able to standout in the crowd.

Of course looking on You Tube also ruins the innocence that American Idol tries to portray for its contestants.  Let’s face it; a lot of these contestants have a LOT of experience.  They weren’t sitting home on their couches thinking, “I think I’ll go try out for Idol”.  For instance look at Erin Christine’s You Tube videos.  She isn’t the waitress from the Main Street diner.

At this early point in the American Idol season, it’s hard to blog.  Some of the contestants that will end up in the top 12 won’t even get a minute of TV time for weeks and weeks yet.  As I mentioned above, there are 40 contestants already on the AI site.  We’ve got a long way to go.  I feel bad for those with real talent that get pushed out of the way for a “good story”, but that’s always been the American Idol way.  I plan to try to watch as many of the contestants on You Tube as I can.  If I find some extraordinary talent , I’ll pass it along to you.  I hope you will do the same for us!

Welcome back to all the American Idol fans and especially the fans of this blog.  It’s good to be back with BBBlogger.  We look forward to you interacting with us both here on our Idol blog and then also on  Stay tuned…Bloggergal


One Response to “American Idol Season 12…and so it begins”

tedstrutz Says:

I saw that was on last night and watched a few mins. Wake me up when they are down to ten.

You are to be forgiven for swooning over Keith, BG. I think he will be a good judge… Translate: Real. Better than that Poser Steve. I think the women will be good additions too, making for a much better show. I think the three of them will energize Randy, who seemed to be trying to just hold things together last time and was out of his element as leader.

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