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Friday, May 10th, 2013

American Idol’s Finale Two are…

Wow…I DID NOT see that coming! Angie eliminated and Kree and Candice as the final two? Surprise, surprise! Maybe getting all the country music fan votes worked for Kree? I thought that Angie had this whole thing wrapped up to be honest. It wasn’t who I would have picked, but I thought America was in her corner.

Between Kree and Candice, I personally will have to go with Candice. My whole theory of the young people voting more and voting for Angie has been blown out of the water! This season of American Idol, I haven’t been able to predict a darn thing. I really liked Amber and didn’t think she would be voted off before Kree, but look who is laughing last now?

This year’s American Idol has caused controversy galore. There are a lot of conspiracy theories about the all female finale, etc. I don’t have any idea what happened this year on Idol, but I sadly will admit, I think American Idol is past its prime. The only reason I watched any of it this season was to write this blog and the only reason I wrote this blog was Dr. B’s classes. If that weren’t the case, I would have stopped watching way back in the beginning of the season. There were really no contestants that had caught my interest and held it–AT ALL.

I do look forward to the finale because I like the surprise guests and the contestant/star duos. As far as next year, I think Dr. B. needs to revise his lesson plan! :-) Bloggergal

16 Responses to “American Idol’s Finale Two are…”

Taryn Gates Says:

Oh, I am so disappointed. My friend Ashley and I were raging to each other, haha. I didn’t see it coming either. I really do hate Kree all the more now and it’s definitely going to go to Candice. That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. I was in complete and utter shock. KREE? Kree, seriously? Ugh. I’m so angry. I never thought I’d be so wrapped up in a show we were forced to watch for a class. I screamed at my TV, too. Excuse me while Ashley and I wait for Angie’s CD to come out. That’s the only benefit: just because you get kicked off the show doesn’t mean you still can’t make it big.

Ashley Lamoreaux Says:

I’M SO ANGRY!! This is absolutely ridiculous. I was at work when I was watching the elimination and at first I thought Angie was safe because she was crying. But then she started singing and I started raging. The judges seemed pretty shocked too but in all honesty I’m hoping they are all gone next year. So, what now? I like Candice more than Kree, but who knows? Import even care anymore. America obviously isn’t in my head. Taryn and I will buy Angie’s first cd and cheer for her success! Otherwise, American IDol has disappointed me.

Nicole Wright Says:

Wow, what a disappointment. I am absolutely shocked. Where did Kree pull that from? I haven’t liked her all season and I didn’t know anyone who did. I’m rooting for Candice now but it doesn’t really matter anymore. This whole season has been such a let down. I hope the show gets all new judges for next year.

MacKenzie Bilbow Says:

I’m so upset Angie got voted off! Now that Angie is gone, I’m definitely rooting for Candice even though Kree has a lot of talent, I just don’t like her as much. I think this show has gone down hill not only because of the judges but just overall the show isn’t what it used to be. This season was definitely a let down and I have no interest in seeing the finale. Hopefully next year this show will be alittle but more interesting than this seasons!

Ian Brace Says:

I really wish Angie didn’t get voted off because she has a much better voice than Kree. I hope Candice can win the finale. New judges should be picked for next year.

Alec Breisch Says:

I can not believe that Angie got voted out this week, but I do agree with bloggergal, idol did not have any real talent this year. No one really stuck out to me, and t this point I don’t even care who wins this year I will not see either of the girls in concert, and I defiantly will not buy their cd’s when they come out, but U believe that Angie has a big career ahead of her, unlike Candice or Kree.

Jake Yarmey Says:

I agree I thought Angie was going to win with no problem. But since she’s gone I guess I’ll have to go for Candice but I really don’t care who wins. I also agree that the show is past it’s prime it went down hill when they started changing the judges every season.

Matthew Dovidas Says:

Oh am I angry about Angie leaving. If it wasn’t for Dr. B, I wouldn’t even watch the finale! I think it was the hometown visit that swayed the votes. about everybody learning about how she lost both her parents at a young age. I think that is what swayed the voting, sympathy. and the show in general, I think, is beyond it’s prime. And the finale is going to be good, only for two reasons. Candice is still there, and the guest performances. That’s it! and next season, get rid of Nicki Minaj and Mariah as judges. Maybe that will make it a little better. Bring Simon and Paula back, Please? the only thing is that, even though you are voted off the show, you can still make it big. I cant wait until an ALbum of hers comes out so I can buy it. Gahhh! Darn you America!

Maria Marstell Says:

I honestly am not fond of American Idol at all. I never really watched it, just an episode or two. Now I am convinced the show is a waste of time. Angie should’ve won no doubt. I don’t really care to watch the finale. Candice is better than Kree though. Judges should be newly picked every year to grab the public’s attention. No doubt, the show proboly is fixed. Thanks for continuing to blog for Dr. Bs class though :) You’re time and effort is appreciated.

Mark Ostroski Says:

I really agree with you about the fact that the is a Conspiracy on the show because anquie should have of won it. I also wanted to thank you for doing this blog for the students at Wyoming area school.

Sean Derwin Says:

I think it’s crazy that Angie went home. She was easily the most talented and best singer of them all. She had an amazing voice she also had that star factor. I don’t enjoy watching the show anymore because I believe it’s being rigged. But in the end I think Kree should not win this competion. Thank you blogger girl for this opportunity to blog with you, it was alot of fun.

Alexa Blandina Says:

I’m also dissappointed. Angie shouldn’t have gone home, Kree should’ve. She has the pontential and the voice to win but I guess some people didnt thin that. Now since it’s going to be a finale, Candice is going to win. She has such a nice voice and I love the tones she has with it. Kree reminds me of a singer from the sixties with a little country, it’s to much of it.

Darell Edmonds Says:

I AM FURIOUS!!! Who would get rid of Angie? And Kree in the top two is an abomination to America! If Kree wins I will never watch American Idol again. Candace please win! I’ll buy her album any day.

Zach Baldygo Says:

What’s the point of watching this anymore. Angie made the show watchable because she was the only good one in a whole crowd of awful singing. However, I don’t expect any less because whatever I want, it never happens. I can only hope the Kree does not win…. or dies whatever comes first. At least the show will finally end, so thanks Blogger Gal for my teacher told me to tell you. Anyways, thanks and this class was pretty relaxing!

Dominique Denisco Says:

I CANNOT believe Angie got voted off… Props to Kree and Candice for really giving their all and doing their best. I’m rooting for Candice, I guess. I would’ve been all for Angie but ….

Zach Bauman Says:

I think Kree should have been voted off, not angie

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