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Thursday, March 14th, 2013

American Idol’s Top Ten Perform For Your Votes

This week is the first time we hear our top 10 perform for America’s votes. On the whole, I’m not too excited about any one contestant yet. Last night’s performances were not all what I expected with one or two disappointing me and one or two standing out. So here we go…

Amber Holcomb – 16 years old – Texas. Amber always impresses me with tremendous stage presence and a seasoned veteran-style performance.

Angie Miller – 18 years old – Massachusetts. Until I just typed that I hadn’t thought about how young Angie is. She’s definitely one of America’s sweethearts and for good reason. The thing is she’s just not MY American Idol. Please don’t send me hate comments!

Burnell Taylor
– 19 years old – Louisiana. I love Burnell. His whole story, his personality, his style of singing, his look…they all blend together to make this guy special.

Candice Glover
– 23 years old – South Carolina. Candice has been a standout in my book from day one. I love her style of singing and I love her powerful voice. Her performance last night was my favorite of the evening.

Curtis Finch Jr.
– 24 years old – Missouri. Curtis is another one of my favorites. I love his style of music. However, last night, for me, he didn’t deliver. If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.

Devin Velez
– 18 years old – Illinois. Watch this guy! Devin doesn’t come on strong like some of the other contestants, but he has appeal in a different way. I hope he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle because I think he has a lot he hasn’t shown us yet.

Janelle Arthur
– 23 years old – Tennessee. and Kree Harrison – 22 years old – Tennessee. I don’t have anything against these two very talented singers. I just think they should be on a different show. Again, please don’t send me hate comments! LOL

Lazaro Arbos
– 21 years old – Florida. Nicki was spot on in her comments to Lazaro. He needs to stay comfortable, sing what he feels good about, stay out of his own head, not think about being on American Idol and just enjoy the ride. When he sings that way, he sounds angelic to me. As I’ve said practically every blog so far…who doesn’t love Lazaro?

Paul Jolley
– 22 years old – Tennessee. If I remember correctly, the judges liked his performance, but I didn’t. However, I do like Paul. I think he’s talented and he probably does have a better chance on Broadway or as I’ve said before Glee.

I won’t spend too much time talking about the judges because frankly, I usually fast forward through their comments! I think the contestants must have a hard time hearing from Jimmy Iovine and the judges and trying to decide whether to listen to them or ignore them. Jimmy said that America would get bored if Curtis sang the same type of songs for ten weeks. I wouldn’t. That’s why I like him.

Tonight we will see one contestant be eliminated. I have no idea who it will be because I didn’t think anyone stood out as “bad” last night. What I do think happens is that America doesn’t vote for the best singer, but instead votes for the contestant that they are concerned may be eliminated. Every now and then that can backfire with the best contestant not getting enough votes. Bloggergal

14 Responses to “American Idol’s Top Ten Perform For Your Votes”

Taryn Gates Says:

Oh my god, how do you not like Angie? I had no idea she was so young! She already sounds ready for album making. I’m a sucker for singing while playing piano, though. Candice’s voice gives me chills, too (still, Angie > Candice). I really feel like a female is going to take this year’s American Idol. If not, I’m really hoping Burnell pushes through to the finals.

Zach Lahart Says:

Personally I would want Paul Jolley to win it all this year. He is extremely talented and has a respectful attitude. The judges like his last performance so hopefully America can carry him in to the finals. If he gets kicked off I would like to see Angie Miller win. She looks like she might be the one this year because of her great performances.

MacKenzie Bilbow Says:

I’m impressed that Amber was able to make it into the top 10 considering how young she is but she is also very talented. Angie, who is also young, is my favorite and I definitely think she will be able to win this competition. If Angie didn’t happen to win this competition I think Burnell would be the winner or he’ll have a very good chance.

Alexa Blandina Says:

I like how you have descriptions about them. I think Janelle is to country, she should do a song other then that. Also Angie has high potential and she probably will go far other then American Idol, but I also think she is the winner already.

Darell Edmonds Says:

Its so hard for me to pick between Angie, Devin and Candice. I just can’t. They have truly blown me away. Those three have yet to let me down and honestly someone needs to sign them now. Candace has that power and emotion in her voice. Devin the soft touch to connect. And Angie is just a general songbird!

Darell Edmonds Says:

I do agree with you (Bloggergal) with Kree and Jenelle, there are just too many country singers to the point where I am honestly starting to tune it out. Jenelle has a nice sound and look. But I practically tuned out Kree completely. They have the voices, but its getting tiresome in my own opinion.

Alec Breisch Says:

I have always been a fan of Paul from the beginning and I am excited to see how he does along with the other idols tonight on Beatles night, so far I am not very Impressed with the girls, but I hope that tonight my opinion will change a little bit about how the girls are.

Nicole Wright Says:

I have a lot more respect for Amber. I’m shocked she’s only 16 years old. That’s the same age or close to most of our ages, which is amazing. I’m pulling for Paul and I agree that he has a Broadway feel about him. I think a lot of the contestants have good stage personalities which makes them enjoyable to watch. Devin Velez doesn’t have the greatest voice on the show in my opinion, but he’s fun to watch and always captures my attention.

Dominique Denisco Says:

Thank you for the descriptions, I really like the fact that you inclueded them! I’m really betting on Angie winning this, but anything could happen at this point! If not Angie, then I’ll be rooting for Burnell or Paul!

Dominique Denisco Says:

Thank you for the descriptions, I really like the fact that you included them! I’m really betting on Angie winning this, but anything could happen at this point! If not Angie, then I’ll be rooting for Burnell or Paul!

Dominique Denisco Says:

*included… sorry about that.

Ashley Lamoreaux Says:

I’m beginning to love Angie Miller more and more. In my opinion, she is my american idol because she’s following her dreams. But that’s okay if you don’t agree. It’s your own opinion(: The judges are doing a good job correcting the contestants on their journey, but i just can’t stand watching Niki anymore. She vexes me so much.

Ian Brace Says:

Angie Miller has the best voice on Idol this season! I hope she wins the competition. Most of the girls have great voices and the guys too but some shouldn’t move on.

Maria Marstell Says:

Angie Miller does have a phenominel voice. She isn’t the only girl with an outstanding voice, but she is my favorite!Whether or not she wins I’m positive she will be capable of moving on with her singing career. I’m not too found of any of the guys though. Some do have incredible voices but some shoulod definately be eliminated. The girls really know how to kick it!

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