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Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Did Motown Mow Down the American Idol Contestants?

American idol contestants took on Detroit’s Motown this week. Smoky Robinson was on hand to mentor. There are eight remaining contestants after last week we waved good-bye to Paul Jolley.

All the performances were good, but none stand out in my mind as great. The judges loved Amber, Candice and Kree. Lazaro redeemed himself with a decent performance. I think that Devin is always consistent, however the judges didn’t. I thought that Burnell should have had a stellar performance, but he didn’t. Janelle turned a Motown hit into a country ballad and held her own. In the preview, they built up Angela’s performance, but I didn’t think it lived up to the hype.

The contestants were separated into three groups to perform an extra number. Janelle and Kree performed together and the judges felt that Kree outshone her–big time! Then Amber, Candice and Angie sang together and did a great job–according to the judges. The guys sang together and Nicki told them they wouldn’t have made it past Hollywood week with their performance. I was like “what”? Anyway, at least once a season, I have to rant about how I think its ridiculous for the contestants to perform together since they are all so vastly different. There, I’m done for this season.

Can you tell I’m so-so about this week’s show? To be honest, I don’t even know if I’d still be watching if I didn’t blog it. If I had voted I would have given all my votes to Amber. I don’t think she belonged in the bottom three last week. Who do I think should be leaving tonight? I’d have to sadly say my Lazaro. I love him, but he’s in over his head.

Next week, I’ll be in California attending Reality Rally, so I won’t be back here until April 10th. Have a great holiday and spring break all! Bloggergal

13 Responses to “Did Motown Mow Down the American Idol Contestants?”

Dominique Denisco Says:

I agree with you that the contestants shouldn’t be required to perform together, considering this isn’t a group competition.. Have fun in California, though!

Alexa Blandina Says:

The people shouldn’t perform together, it’s not going to be a competition if they perform. Singing against each other is good. Angie is going far but Burnell is my second favorite.

david klaproth Says:

I think that the sontestants should have to perform together. The reason is they are being graded on a individaul performance and it will be harer to judge.

Ashley Lamoreaux Says:

I didnt see last nights performance, but according to this blog i presume that it was quite hard to watch. I don’t think that the contestants should sing in groups TOGETHER because of their style diversity, although i do believe it should be an important skill to be able to sing with a group for future reference. Devin, in my opinion, seems to always sing exceptionally well each time and (even though i didn’t see his perfromance) i think the judges are often much too crtical. Angie will always be the idol i am routing for and i am excited to see her performance.

Zachary Baldygo Says:

I can’t seem to name any of the contestants in the right order. Paul Jolley shouldn’t have left, he sure as hell wasn’t the worst, but I don’t care. Angie seems like she’s the one who’s going to win this with ease so I guess she can win. Till then get to watch another horrible show.

Zach Lahart Says:

Personally i didn’t think that Paul Jolley should have been voted off. I knew that his performance wasn’t that great but the judges have seen how good he was. Now i am hoping that Angie Miller should win it all.

Ian dobosh Says:

Even though they perform together they can still be judged indivisually. Performing together adds a variety of new things to try. Though they do perform as a team it would be nice to see them be a bit more competative and have them try to out do each other when performing.

Alec Breisch Says:

I do not think that the contestants should be split up into groups, i believe that the contestants do the best with their own performances, I am disappointed that Paul got voted out last week though, he was my favorite from the verry beginning but I believe that some of the girls definatly stood out as a great performance last week, especially Angie Miller who I belieed did an amazing job last week, for someone that young I elieve she has got alot of talent, and i believe she can make it far in the competion, or even be the next american idol.

Maria Marstell Says:

They definately should not be required to perform together. Performing together has nothing to do with the competition. They should be competing against one another. It’s hard to do a performance when people in the group have a variety of talents with their voice. So in my opinion the groups did great! They tried their best and that’s all that counts.

keithpugh Says:

Its a joke that people perform together, its supposed to be a competition, not a grooup thing.

Jacob Yarmey Says:

i wasnt a big fan of the groups i didnt think it helped any of the conestants.

Zach Baumanmanmanmamanman Says:

I agree with Keith Pugh. They should be preforming solo.

zack obrien Says:

i think they should get to pick wether they want to perform together or not

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